Fun Fun Fun (EP)

by Red Deer People

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Debut EP


released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Red Deer People Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Fun Fun Fun
Father said the batteries would last 400 hours
Now the radio has stopped and we've run out of power
But Father was insane, and he blew out his brains

He's permanently looking for the fun, fun, fun
Like a fly round a light bulb when all he wanted was the sun
And I know it's hot, but it never hits the spot

I haven't read that book since I was fourteen
And ten year later now Holden seems - such a whiny little thing,
He's so unimpressed with everything

I watched you playing Rufus all tiny and small,
Before you got your hair and nose which you grew at Jewish school,
We watch Louie all night long, Louie keeps us strong, strong, strong

You died the same week I was nearly dead,
And I read the newspaper in my hospital bed,
And I read and I read, and this is what it said,
it said: "Goodbye John, your memory lives on"

God bless Andrew and Angelica,
And God bless Eric and Erica,
And God save the youth of America, God save the youth of America
Track Name: Happy Birthday Son
Happy Birthday, Son
You've reached another one
Now you're twenty-one

Pushing buttons, pulling triggers
Drowned like rats in dirty rivers
All the facts and all the figures
Too much salt and too much sugar

Jesus ain't his only son
Just count the other ones
Christmas Day's for everyone

Pushing buttons, pulling triggers
Drown like rats in dirty rivers
All the facts and all the figures
Too much salt and too much sugar
Track Name: They Thought of Everything
T.J. prays for days away
And everlasting holidays
Whilst we all pray for those who stay
And watch them as they all decay

Trips to Paris, talks of marriage,
We can get a bright pink carriage
Battle-scarred but a work of art
He writes the greatest birthday cards

They thought of everything

Tracey's child's been a man a while
33 years of spit and bile
When Grandma died, Mamma's brain fried
And every night she's Dynamite

The T.V.s broke, she's at your throat
And there ain't none as queer as folk
Sunburnt witches, unscratched itches
I buy my books for the pretty pictures

They thought of everything